MarkI am occasional blogger.

Professionally I trained as a pharmacist in the old days of WAIT, now Curtin University. My joy of working in retail pharmacy was short lived and quickly realised selling hair dyes and cough remedies was not for me. I jumped ship to work in hospital pharmacy in Port Hedland last century. From there I moved to Darwin and enjoyed a decade of being a clinical, poison and drug information pharmacist but felt the pull to the darker side of hospital pharmacy administration too strong. So, with the encouragement of several wonderful people I sat the GAMSAT. Even though I had no idea what oxygen dissociation curves meant for diving Adelie penguins I passed and headed to Flinders University to start my medical career.

Most if medical oriented, inspired by interactions with patients, colleagues and life experiences. In my spare time I take photos, dabble in education, and mow the lawn which in Mackay needs to be done almost daily in summer!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Doc,

    I’ve been reading your posts on NIPT (old ones and recent ones) and you mentioned the SAMSAS Program.

    Does SAMSAS Program extend outside of South Australia? I saw on one of the Update 16 that they included data from NT and Tasmania. I’m assuming you’re practicing in Tasmania at the moment and can refer patients to the SAMSAS? (the benefit of course, is that it is medicare bulk billed only).

    From an interested reader of yours,


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