Thinking about procreating?

Whatever you call it – up the duff, knocked up, a bun in the oven or eating for two, before getting pregnant there are a couple of things worth considering. Now because I am a doctor and I’m not supposed to get judgmental, I’m not questioning whether it is a good thing for you at […]

Looking for a new challenge?

Rural GP (Obstetrics) We are looking for a VR GP with obstetrics to join our team at the Kangaroo Island Medical Clinic. The KI Medical Clinic is located in Kingscote on Kangaroo Island, SA’s ecotourism jewel.  Although located in an RA4 Area, the Island is only 25 mins to Adelaide by plane and offers a […]

Repost – The art of delivery

I would like to update this post with a link to a Coroner’s report from the 8th July 2014 concerning the death of a newborn. This occurred in the setting of a woman who previously had a uterine perforation as a result of a D&C, undergoing a prostaglandin induction. She developed hyperstimulation which caused uterine rupture at the […]

Update on Less invasive prenatal testing

Update Non-invasive tests have become cheaper and are more available to women in rural areas. The basic Harmony test (trisomy 13, 18 & 21)  now costs $425. A Medicare rebate is not available for this test. Another local lab offers a basic Generation test costing $395 and an extended test for $695 I have refined […]

The art of delivery – hyperstimulation

Recently, I helped care for a young woman whose patience has finally been strained by her pregnancy. She had endured the previous 39 weeks pretty well I thought but with three nights of sleep deprivation because of irregular contraction she asked for an induction. I do wonder how well young Mums will cope with a […]

The art of delivery

Those final weeks of a pregnancy sometimes seem to drag for some soon-to-be Mums. “I’m over it, can’t you do something?” is not an uncommon request. Back & hip pain, reflux, swollen legs, waddling gait, can’t sleep…..and that’s just me Now without opening an argument about expectant management versus induction of labour (today), would I be doing […]

Some things in General Practice can be really challenging

Without a tertiary Emergency Department at the end of quick ambulance ride Rural Procedural General Practice holds lots challenges, some more satisfying than others. And that is not saying that rural practice is better than urban practice; we both serve our communities well. Recollections from this week with details muffled to protect the innocent. A young guy from Canada […]