Oh dear….

Just realised it has been nearly 12 months since I last posted to my blog. I did say occasional blogger!

In the last 12 months, I have done a few things

Worked in a respiratory clinic and swabbed more than 600 noses (maybe more, I have lost count) and not had a positive coronavirus swab. Lots of rhinovirus, RSV, adenovirus….

  • Do you count one nose as two nostrils?

Despite what health bureaucrats and Channel Nine new may say, I have continued to see patient face to face.

Completed far too many Zoom and Team meetings, but have still completed my three year target for CPD with two years to spare.

Gained a certificate to be able to provide the Astra Zenica vaccination for my patients

Taken lots of photos

  • Have a look at my Facebook Page

Written stuff, although sadly not on WordPress

  • I see there have been some changed to the editor!

Still waiting to walk up onto an airplane.

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