More Covid-19/SARS2 CoV Resourses

Stuff I have been watching and learning from with science without hype. I won’t weight down with quantity, my previous post has more details.

From Australia

Coronacast from Dr Norman Swan and Tegan Taylor

Ian M. Mackay, a working Scientist and an adjunct Associate Professor (University of Queensland) has a PhD in virology, his blog is virologydownunder

Dr Wendy Burton has a blog call GPs-Can

From the USA


With Dr Mel Herbert, Jess Mason amongst others

Video and audio files to take in with an evolving text at here.


Great science and drawing boards with Dr. Roger Seheult

From the UK

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine develops, promotes and disseminates better evidence for healthcare.

I reckon that will do for now so I will leave you with the message about social distancing.covid social distance

PS always remember to wash your hands.

Nothing from politicians here as they just get me angry.

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