Medical Podcasts

Where to find Medical Podcasts?

I’ll avoid the Podcosts which I don’t do because the “F” in FOAMed is free.

Well  you could go to iTune for your medical podcasts, which include some “podcosts” here

Or if you prefer Android or PC and if you don’t want to contaminate your PC with Apple stuff then click on the Podcaster’s website to link to the podcast.

Be warned iTunes catalogues a lot, an awful lot of podcasts, more than enough to turn your brain off and makes you walk into a passing bus.

So here is a much shorter list of stuff that I have listened to from time to time.

Australian Prescriber podcasts

Bit’s and Bumps for women’s health from Penny Wilson and Marlene Pearce

Broome Docs by Casey Parker. Currently there are almost 100 podcasts to enjoy. I haven’t listened to them all.

Dr Daniel Aranov’s EBM Podcasts These are easy listening and good humoured. I like these Daniel, keep up the hard work.

Don’t forget the Bubble for paediatric stuff

EmCrit by Dr Scott Weingart an ED Intensivist from New York.

ETM as in emergency trauma medicine

GP Skeptic by Dr Justin Coleman being educational and well skeptical

IM Reasoning Drs. Art Nahill and Dr. Nic Szecket, have a passion for teaching clinical reasoning.

Life in the Fast Lane with a lot of other stuff

Reach MD really sounds like a radio for medical stuff from the US

St Emlyn’s podcasts on academic emergency medicine

The Health Report by Dr Norman Swan

Therapeutics Education Collaboration Canadian’s promoting healthy skepticism and critical thinking

The Good GP from Drs Tim Koh and Sean Stevens, in collaboration with RACGP WA.

The GP Show by Dr Sam Manger

This one will have stuff interesting for GP’s too

The Purple Pen Podcast is a fortnightly discussion about clinical pharmacy in Australia.

The Recommended Dose tackles the big questions in health.  The series is produced by Cochrane Australia and co-published with the BMJ.


If you think any should be added please let me know at

Most of the major medical journal offer a podcast on recent articles with author interviews.

Australian Family Physician

America Acedmy of Family Physician



Medical journal of Australia


The Lancet


There are a lot, what is your favourite?