One reason why healthcare is so $$$$$$ in Australia.

Have you ever looked at a medical device and thought why is this so expensive?

Firstly, there is the price hurdle to get an item to Australia.

For example, the DermLite II Pro HR by 3Gen will cost $US895 from them; to buy the same in Australia will cost you $AU 1529 (including GST) . Given the current exchange rate that amounts to around $500 to get it into to Australia. I would have to spend three times that to actually get to the US to buy one off the shelf there. It seems someone is making a lot of money.

Unfortunately 3Gen wont sell ship to Australia but by searching eBay you may be able to find a US based seller who may and at a little bit less than the 3Gen price.


Then, there is definition of medical equipment which seems to be an invitation to add a couple of zero’s to the price

I use a LED H7 Lenserhead torch to do minor surgery with. I like the extra light and it does a great job. Nice whitelight. Just don’t look the patient in the eye with it on. It cost me something like $60. At a medical conference  I went to recently, a company rep tried to persuade me to consider their “medical” product. Now admittedly it did produce a nice light, but it also cost $1200. I remain content with my alternative.

A tiny grommet (sorry, myringotomy tube) placed in my young fella’s ear drum cost $150! Apparently, I can buy a fluoroplastic myringotomy tube for only $US68 for a box of 10! Mind you I was quoted $90 UPS shipping to get them here. But me and 8 of my friends would have been way ahead.


So why it is that we must pay so much extra for medical and surgical equipment?

I can appreciate that we need to use a higher grade of equipment which needs to be tested to greater tolerances. Afterall, industrial grade silicone proved to be the undoing of Poly Implant Prosthese.

I am not advocating buying screws from Bunnings, although I was tempted when I saw how much the Herbert screw in my scaphoid cost me, but I think that it is reasonable that the Hon Dutton and Hockey cast their eyes wider at  saving healthcare dollars than hit Australians with the proposed co-payment.


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