Some things in General Practice make me cross!

Recently I saw a young man who had a workplace injury.

It was a relatively minor injury from a machine that could have done quite a bit of nasty damage. Reminds me of the fellow who feel out of a tree whilst pruning with a chain saw but that is another very messy story.

I cleaned and debrided the  wound, reassured myself there was no serious damage done and tacked it back together. It has since healed well.

A few weeks latter I received a letter from his insurance company saying that now he has made a claim on his income protection I need to send his entire medical file to the insurance company. They were willing to pay a small fee for this.

And I thought to myself why should his insurance company want his entire medical record?

So after a chat with the patient I sent just the medical notes relevant to the injury.

I have now received a second letter saying thank you for those notes but I need to send them his entire medical record.

A week latter I have yet to receive a reply from the insurance company for the reasons to trawl his entire medical record.

So it would seem that once you sign up for insurance you no longer have any health secrets.

I recall I when I was searching for income protection, one insurance company refused to cover anything to do with my skin because I got dermatitis when I regular scrubbed for OT working as a registrar. That meant that if I got any kind of skin condition mentioned in any of the four volumes below I would not be able to make an income protection claim! I argued with their medical department for a while about their misplaced logic but eventually gave up. They didn’t get my business!!

Blackwell Reference Online


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